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SETSbeyond Membership

I desire to become a member of SETS and hereby provide the following information of my application:

Membership Type:


Fees and Dues:

$40 Monthly Membership

• I understand that this agreement will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis

Payment Authorization Agreement:

I hereby allow SETS to automatically charge the account listed above for the agreed upon membership type.

Special Payment Arrangements:

30 Day Freeze/Cancellation Policy: I , hereby agree to accept and abide by the terms of this Membership Application and Agreement. I/We understand that this a month to month contract and to freeze/cancel if I/we fill out and submit the freeze/cancellation form made available in the “SETS Built” app. I understand I will be obligated to my membership and payment schedule 30 days after the form is submitted. Freeze maximum is for 3 consecutive months.

1. MEMBER’S HEALTH WARRANTY. The member warrants and represents that the member or any family member or guest entitled to use the facility of SETS under the terms of membership, has no disability, impairment, or ailment preventing him/her from engaging in active or passive exercise, or that will be detrimental or adverse to such person’s health, safety, or physical condition if he/she does so engage or participate. The Member acknowledges and agrees that: 1) SETS will rely on the foregoing warranty in issuing the Membership; 2) SETS shall have no obligation to perform a fitness assessment or similar testing to determine the Member’s physical condition; 3) if any fitness assessment or similar testing is performed by SETS, it is solely for the purpose of providing comparative data with which the Member can track progress in a program and is not for diagnostic purposes. 4) SETS shall not be subject to any claim, demand, or injury whatsoever on account of SETS evaluation or interpretation of such fitness assessment or similar testing. 5) SETS shall not be liable for any injury arising out of the member’s disability impairment or ailment preventing him/her from engaging in active or passive exercise, or that would be detrimental or adverse to such person’s health, safety or physical condition if he/she does so engage or participate. Each member and guest should be aware of his/her medical history and should consult with a physician prior to engaging in exercise or continuing to exercise if a medical condition appears or appears to be developing

2. LIABILITY AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY. Each member of SETS shall be liable for any property damage and/or personal injury (caused by the Member, Member’s Family, Guest or any other person) at SETS or any activity or function operated, arranged or sponsored by SETS. It shall be the obligation of the member to pay for any costs involved upon presentation of a statement thereof. Any and all use of SETS Facility, or participation in, SETS activities operated, arranged or sponsored by SETS either on or off of SETS’ premises by the Member, Member’s Family or Guest(s) shall be AT SUCH PERSON’S OWN RISK, and SETS shall not be liable for any injuries or damages to such person, or the property of such person, or be subject to any claim, demand, injury or damages. The Member individually, and on behalf of the Member’s personal representative, heirs, administrators, assigns and successors does here by expressly forever release and discharge SETS, its successors and assigns, as well as its officers, agents and employees from all such claims, demands, actions, or causes of action.

3. SUSPENSION/TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP BY MANAGEMENT. Management has the right to suspend and/or terminate any membership for non-payment of dues, fees, or for behavior harmful to the enjoyment of SETS by other members and staff for any reason deemed sufficient in the sole discretion of Management.

4. UNPAID BALANCES. All balances which are 7 days past due will result in cancellation of membership to SETS and if member wishes to come back will be required to pay balance and renew a commitment.

5. AGREEMENT. This agreement and Bylaws constitute the entire and exclusive membership agreement between the parties. Any promise, representation, understanding, oral or written, pertaining directly or indirectly to the agreement, which are not continued herein, are hereby waived.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and received a copy of this Membership Agreement.

November 30, 2020